​​The Operator Qualification rule was adopted into the Code of Federal Regulations under Subpart N in 49 CFR Part 192 and Subpart G in 49 CFR Part 195.  Under the rule, each pipeline operator is responsible for developing an OQ program, following their written OQ plan, establishing a covered task list applicable to their system, and defining the training and qualification requirements for personnel performing covered tasks on their pipeline facility.  It is the operator's responsibility to ensure their contractors and vendors comply with their program requirements.

The intent of the OQ rule is to minimize human error by establishing a verifiable and qualified workforce. 

Coastal Safety helps pipeline contractors with easing the burden of keeping their employee’s Operator Qualifications (OQ) in compliance. We are licensed providers for OQSG & Veriforce that are accepted by the vast majority of pipeline operators in the USA. Coastal Safety has proctors & evaluators for nearly every covered task that is required for pipeline work.

Project Managers for Pipeline Companies will provide a list of the covered tasks relevant to your company’s scope of work. Coastal Safety can help you build an OQ plan to satisfy these requirements. Coastal Safety is located in Houma, Louisiana, but can travel if necessary to the jobsite. Call us at 985-262-4636 for all your OQ needs.